Our Partners

We are members of these organizations

EHTTA is a partner, associate or affiliate of other organisations - which bring benefits for EHTTA Members, in terms of networking, influencing and learning.

Council of Europe/EICR

As a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, all our members feature on the Council of Europe/EICR website alongside 44 other linear routes and themed networks.

UNWTO Affiliate Member

EHTTA has been a UNWTO Affiliate Member since 2019. The UNWTO AM Programme brings together over 500 companies, educational & research institutions, destinations and NGOs. It works towards aligning private sector strategies with the UN Goals and offer to its Affiliate Members the opportunity to engage in sustainable tourism development.

The European Heritage Alliance 3.3

EHTTA is a member of The European Heritage Alliance 3.3  – an informal European sectoral platform composed of 49 European or international networks and organisations active in the wider field of cultural heritage.   

The coordination of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 is part of Europa Nostra’s network project Mainstreaming Heritage funded by Creative Europe (EHTTA Is not a member of Europa Nostra)

European Tourism Manifesto

EHTTA is a signatory and member of the European Tourism Manifesto:

“European public and private organisations, covering the whole tourism value chain and beyond. Together we call on the European Union for action on key policy priorities for the sector.”

EHTTA has the following important partnerships

Great Spa Towns of Europe

All eleven Great Spa Towns of Europe are part of EHTTA. In July 2021 these 11 towns in 7 countries was inscribed on the World Heritage List as outstanding examples of the European historic thermal towns.  EHTTA works with the Great Spas on joint initiatives where possible, for example shared stands at exhibitions.

European Travel Commission

EHTTA features on the ETC Tourist Portal: Visit Europe with a gallery dedicated to EHTTA Members. Between March and June 2022 we will a campaign co-financed by ETC for the very first time, with the target markets Europe and North America.

European Spas Association

ESPA represents medical spas and health resorts throughout Europe. As umbrella industry organization it represents 20 European countries.

HTI - Health Tourism Industry

HTI Health Tourism Industry “is the leading platform for doing health tourism business in Europe”, and the organizer of the HTI European Summit at the European Parliament.  EHTTA is one of the preferred partners.


EHTTA is collaborating with ISMH on various occasions. This will be intensified in the course of 2022 and 2023 related to the International Congress on Thermal Tourism in Ourense and a possible European Thermal Heritage Day in Saratoga Springs 2023.


Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, which takes place in Ourense (Spain) every two years.

The European Spa

Through the Scientific Committee, EHTTA is a partner of The European Spa as a Transnational Public Space and Social Metaphor (2019-2022) is part of the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) funding initiative of the European Union devoted to the topic Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe.