Whether you are searching for a spa break in a vibrant urban cosmopolitan atmosphere, or a haven of relaxation in quieter rural landscapes, our spa towns have something for everyone!. While armchair travel is the only option at the moment, we invite you to dream of your next trip!


Healing springs have been used for thousands of years, for health and relaxation. Some of our towns date back to the Romans or before, but over the centuries we have developed fine traditions of hospitality:

WELCOME You can travel to many of our towns easily, especially by train, stay in a range of accommodation and find plenty to do while you’re there.

HEAL your body and mind at our temples of water; both ancient and modern – bath houses, pump rooms and medical complexes where the waters are used for bathing, drinking and inhalation.

RELAX and ENJOY a wide range of activities and experiences in our music halls, theatres, casinos, romantic parks and gardens and the wider “therapeutic landscape”.

When travelling to a spa town, there are many aspects of the spa town experience for you to discover. Here are some ideas for you to make the most of your stay!

  • Take the waters – bathe in them, enjoy treatments or drink waters according to your health needs.
  • Go on the guided tours – it will help you to learn about the town’s past and its famous visitors. Look out for colourful costumed guides!
  • Make time for culture! Visit the art galleries and museums and add in concerts, festivals…some of Europe’s most important ones are to be found in our network! And if you want to add an element of risk to your visit, why don’t try some luck at the casino?
  • Search out the artistic works that were inspired by or created in the spa towns.Movie lovers will appreciate how some spa towns are frequently in use as film locations, as well as a holiday destinations for many movie stars!
  • Appreciate the architecture and built landscape that surrounds you. Discover the stories behind these magnificent buildings
  • Eat well – restaurants and markets selling local produce to improve your inner well-being.
  • There’s a spiritual aspect too – from findings about the ancient deities of the springs as well as visiting the churches, cathedrals and other religious houses , often located close to the sources
  • Discover the unspoiled surroundings of the spa town – the “therapeutic landscapes” that are part of the cure in fresh air. Mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and graceful parks and gardens awaiting those who like physical activity as well as pure relaxing indulgence.

Tourism Packages

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