For the first time ever, Europe’s public and private tourism actors and stakeholders with an interest in tourism have come together to call for the European Union to do more for this important sector. The European Tourism Manifesto for Growth and Jobs highlights the key EU policy priorities for the sector in the coming years on topics ranging from skills and qualifications to sustainability and competitiveness of Europe’s tourism.

Almost 50 European organisations including the EHTTA have already signed up to the Manifesto which seeks to ensure that the continent remains an attractive destination and that the sector continues to make a significant contribution to the EU economy.

The European Travel Commission (ETC) is currently holding the Chairmanship and Secretariat of this initiative. Its biggest focus now is the campaign on an increased EU budget for tourism and asking the EU institutions to move towards an integrated European tourism policy with strategic funding at EU level.

The Manifesto focuses on the following 8 key policy priorities: Competitiveness, Digitalisation, Good governance, Joint promotion, Reduce seasonality, Skills and qualifications, Sustainability and Transport connectivity.

You can download the manifesto here:

You can find the signatories at this link:

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