EHTTA celebrated the European Thermal Heritage Day

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of EHTTA the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) has organized a conference and reception to focus on the thermal heritage in Europe on 12th of October 2019. After the first celebration of the “European Thermal Heritage Day” on 12th of October 2018 in Budapest, the forum organized this year was joined by many politicians and companies linked to the Cultural Heritage of Europe.

The event included presentations and an exchange about European projects like “Innova Spa” or “Les Accros du Peignoir”. A huge timeline about EHTTA and all success in the last 10 years showed once more the importance of the thermal heritage that connects countries and people across Europe and how EHTTA and its members are working together to keep this heritage alive and promote the cities.

Having this idea and mission in mind the book “What’s spa? SPA: A concept to be re-defined“, written by Mario Crecente was published during the celebrations in Spa, Belgium.

The network continues to aim the official declaration of the European Thermal Heritage Day on 12th of October in future, to protect the thermal heritage and make the European citizens aware of what they inherited from their ancestors.

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