Thermal Travels Key Visual Bad Kissingen

Thermal Travels Campaign with the European Travel Commission (VisitEurope) and the Great Spa Towns of Europe - Summer 2022

In June and July 2022, the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns was delighted to be part of a co-funded online marketing campaign with the European Travel Commission (VisitEurope).  This co-operation, the first of its kind for our Association really brought European Historic Thermal Towns and the Great Spa Towns of Europe into the spotlight.

This project has led to further press articles, to being a case study at conferences and has resulted also in a closer collaboration with VisitEurope, as well as many new contacts and “thermal friends”.  (See also the December 2022 guides from VisitEurope)

Thermal Travels - new video clip

A new video clip was produced for the campaign, describing how to “immerse yourself in the spa culture of Europe”.  It is available in French and German too.  

Thermal Travels - new web page was developed as a new landing page for the campaign. 

Press Trips

It was a real treat to welcome three writers from very different backgrounds and publications to our towns in July.

Each of them had very different ‘spa culture’ experiences from Austria,  Czech Republic, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary and Italy, to write about!

Mosha Lundström Halbert
Ava - Spa Travel Gal in Henkell Wiesbaden

Fashion director, writer and entrepreneur, Mosha Lundström Halbert visited Montecatini Terme, Karlovy Vary,  Mariánské Lázně, and Baden-Baden for  Find her on Instagram and Tiktok.  

‘Spa Travel Gal’, influencer, bogger and journalist Ava Roxanne Stritt covered Enghien-les-Bains, Vichy and La Route des Villes d’Eaux du Massif Central in France, and Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg in Germany.  Read the Spa Travel Gal blog or check out her Instagram stories.

Travel blogger, Alex Kallimanis immersed himself in several thermal towns in Greece, as well as covering Budapest and Baden bei Wien for articles on his Wanderlust Marriage blog.  Find him on Facebook and Twitter.  

Click on the images to check out some of the Thermal Travels articles below!

Mosha's article in the Travel Section on

Ava’s Thermal Travels appeared in the  Lake Murray Magazine and online in City Lifestyle Magazine – “Taking the Waters” and “Thermal Towns Part Deux”, as well as in her blog.

Alex’s blog posts covering Greece, Hungary and Austria.

Key Visuals

Designed by Sett Communications in France, these stunning images combined impressive architecture  with people enjoying the waters. 

Thermal Travels key visual Ladek


Thermal Travels Key Visual Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen

Chaves Verín

Thermal Travels Key Visual Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary 

Thermal Travels campaign Visuals Route des Villes d'Eaux

La Route des Villes d’Eaux du Massif Central

Thermal Travels campaign key visuals Vichy






Tour Operator FITReisen partnered up with us to promote thermal spa town destinations in French- and German-speaking countries. 

MMGY Social Media Campaign

An online social media campaign targeting #HistoricallyCurious travellers in USA, Canada and Europe, was run by the MMGY agency in London.