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Tourist information/Town Hall Avenida Francisco Salles, 343, Poços de Caldas - 37701-013

+55 (35) 3697-5000


Historical Background

Situated high above sea level, in an extinct volcanic caldera, Poços de Caldas is the city of possibilities, from romanticism to well-being and modernity. The discovery of springs and wells of sulfurous and thermal waters let to its discovery  and today it is a historical city that enchants with its architecture, its features, and its landscape, blending the urban with the surrounding natural landscape where the São Domingos mountain range embraces the entire city. Poços de Caldas, is certainly a beautiful place to live!

The positive impact on the treatment of people with leprosy was one of the first signs of the beneficial qualities of thermal waters for health. The disease haunted a portion of the Brazilian population in the late 18th century, when sulfur waters stood out in these treatments.

The first spa in Poços de Caldas opened in 1886, the Balneário Pedro Botelho. Ten years later, another one was established in Praça Dom Pedro II and as Thermas, in 1919. It was at that time that the city noticed a differential in tourism, after all the sulfurous waters are a specific attraction of Poços de Caldas, and as a result began to increase its visitor infrastructure.

The waters

The waters of Poços de Caldas have sulphur as the predominant ore (greater than 1mg/liter) of hypothermic nature (42°C at the source and 37°C for the baths) and discretely radioactive, with decongestant, anti-inflammatory antiseptic, detoxifying, healing and anti-allergic properties. This water table is approximately 1,300 meters deep.

Its resorts offer more than 30 services and attractions to the population and tourists, such as thermal baths, showers, saunas, massages, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, holistic therapies, oriental medicine, yoga, aqua aerobics, and swimming. 

The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel

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