Le Mont-Dore sits below the Puy de Sancy, the highest peak in the Massif Central, in the heart of the volcanic region of the Auvergne national park, and at the source of the Dordogne river. Located 1.050 m asl, it is a well-known ski resort, one of the oldest in the country, with many winter and summer sports available, including numerous walked trails ready to explore the surrounding hills.

Although its modest population, Le-Mont-Dore, with almost 10.000 bed places, represents the 20% of the tourism activity in the Auvergne region, with 700.000 tourist stays per year and nearly 110.000 skiers. A well known spa station with a lively atmosphere and multitude of services, where sports, clean air, and well-being are perfectly combined to provide you with unforgettable experiences.

Le Mont-Dore Tourist Information

Avenue de La Libération 63240 - Le Mont - Dore

+33 4 73 65 20 21


Historical Background

Although the Romans already knew of the hot healing springs of Mont-Dore, they were neglected in the Middle Ages, and were only brought back inot fashion in the 18th and 19th century, thanks to the determination and hard work of several people, specially water inspector Michel Bertrand. Their works changed the town completely, developed around the healing sources, and it became an international spa town frequented by politicians, artists, royalty members and aristocrats.

The thermal stablishment was built between 1817 and 1823 right upon the ruins of the ancient Roman stablishment – some relic from that era are still conserved and can be see in the town park along the Dordogne river. The building,classified as HIstoric Monument is a Neo-Byzantine water palace, built in the style of Gustave Eiffel: vast rooms with painted ceilings,colums,domes, rose windows, stained glass, marble statues and colourful mosaics.

Around the complex, trough 18th and 19th century luxury hotels, the casino, new villas and public buildings were erected to complete the spa town, which retains today its old Belle Époque charm.

A popular attraction in Le Mont-Dore is the Capucin Funicular, the oldest electrical funicular in France. A must-visit for those who want to avoid the steep slopes (175 metres up the hill) to Salon du Capucin. Spectacular views of the Dordogne Valley and the Grand Cascade await you there!

The waters

Springs & Spas

The thermal gaseous waters of Mont-Dore have the highest concentration of silica in France, but also contain iron, sodium chloride, bicarbonates and arsenic. They flow from up to 8 springs with temperatures ranging from 36ºC to 44ºC degrees, being used to strengthen the respiratory mucosa (useful as an allegern therapy) and stimulate the body’s inmune system.

At the thermal complex water are renowned for treating tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma and rheumatics through bathing, drinking and inhalation. Healthcare services offer a wide range of thermal tecniques, including irrigations, inhalations, nebulizations, aerosol, hydropinics and Proëtz method, as well as an special “Breathing” training academy.

Bathing therapies (including jet, steam and Vichy showers) are specially used as a form of pain relief, while the thermal gases are known to improve peripheral blood circulation.

The complex also offers various wellness packages including fitness massages, hammam and jet swimming pools.


Les Chanteurs, César, Pigeon, Ramond, Madeleine, Boyer, Bertrand

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Hottest Spring


Chemical Elements

Silica, Sodium chloride, bromine,iodine, iron, sulphur