Mill Colonnade Karlovy Vary

Sometimes known as the West Bohemian Spa Triangle, Karlovy Vary is one of the smalles and less inhabited regions of the Czech Republic, neighbourh to the Germans regions of Saxony and Bavaria,with whom enjoys a mutual advantageous cooperation. The area is gifted by an underground network of hot and cold mineral springs – about 100 rising naturally to the surface with different temperatures – which have made Karlovy Vary one of the largest spa treatment centres in Europe.

The spa towns of the region offer a wide variety of medical, wellness and beauty treatments, all based around the healing waters, useful to treat digestive tract, metabolic and certain arthritic disorders. Water is freely available to drink in the many beautiful colonnades which are characteristic of the region, while prestigious hotels and spa resorts provide a variety of treatments, from mineral baths and warm peat body wraps to gas inhalations and injections.

Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary Region

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Walking is an important aspect of the traditional water cure in the Karlovy Vary Region, and the many woods and hills surrounding the spa towns offer welcoming opportunities to do it.

There are many kilometres of marked wooldland trails, with many pavilions, rest places and stunning viewpoints of the towns.

Cultural and social events are an important part of life in the Karlovy Vary Region.

Many of these events are well known all over the world, like the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, which welcomes international film-stars every year; the Chopin Music Festival of Mariánské Lázně and the summer concerts honouring of Františkovy Lázně, dedicating one week to the works of the great composer Johann Strauss.

The spa towns in this region were among the most prestigious in Europe in the 19th century, and count among their numerous past visitors kings and queens,emperors, politicians, nobility, artists, composers and musicians, philosophers, writers, scientists....

Today visitor's visitors still include the greatest celebrities of the day - international film-stars, musicians, artists, athletes, scientists and politicians

Karlovy Vary

The town has the hottest springs of the region, waters strongly charged with mineral that can even turn paper roses into stone in 2 weeks!

The spring were discovered by King Karel 650 years ago, and have been attracting thousands of visitor ever since. The steaming waters flow freely in historic colonnades around the town, sipped from special decorative cups.

Mariánské Lázně

Every year, at the start of the spa season in May, a singing fountain by the main colonnade welcomes visitors with a specially-composed song.

Spa-goers in this town will be amazed by its carefully manicured parks, woods and historical architecture.

Františkovy Lázně

Located near the German border, this old spa town is renowned for its treatments of female infertility, but also for the yellow buildings lining the wide boulevards, with springs dotted throughout the tranquil parkland surrounding the towns.


The town became famous just after its founding in 1516 for its silver mines, and it went on to mint silver coins.

It is famous for its unique radon treatments, home to the world’s first radium spa, established here by Nobel Prize winners Marie and Pierre Curie.


Located at an average altitude of 730 metres, this spa town is not only important for its mineral springs, but also for its climatic conditions, being climatotherapy and important part of the cure

Lázne Kynžvart is specialized in treating children.