European MEPS: the message from EHTTA’s President

In view of the imminent European elections and considering the importance of the constant information work  EHTTA has been carrying on with the European Members of Parliament and institutions mostly since 2015, the EHTTA President Giuseppe Bellandi has prepared a letter to the MEP.

The note is  recalling once more the European MEPS on the importance of including thermalism in the European policies and the programmes of the new mandate starting next June.

Our goal is to obtain the recognition of the innovative and cultural quality of European spa cities in order to promote a new plan for the tourism sector, encouraging cross-border tourism within the “Europe destination”.

Among the main projects on which we are working I remember the ATLAS, an ambitious initiative for the study of the Thermal Heritage of Europe, mapping spa towns across the continent, the “Café of Europe”, events to debate about future of Thermalis and Europe and the European Thermal Pass, to network the spa cities through an innovative approach.

Our commitment at European level has actually grown a in recent years: in 2015 and 2016 in Brussels and Strasbourg we presented the Manifesto of European thermalism, setting off a concrete lobbying activity with the European Parliament.  Activities that, with great conviction, we want to continue.

The thermal water and here we arrive in cities indissolubly linked to it represents our identity our past, present and future but it is an element today little considered, little known and unfortunately little respected. The thermal water has an ancient history.Its culture and its therapeutic properties began with the history of man in an unconscious way first, then with an increasing awareness of the therapeutic properties now validated by the scientific evidence” said Giuseppe Bellandi.”

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