EHTTA Supports World Wellness Weekend!

European Historic Thermal Towns Support World Welless Weekend!

For hundreds of years, people have travelled to spa towns across Europe for centuries to use their mineral-rich, healing thermal waters to improve their health. While many spa towns still have medical facilities based around thermal waters to this day, they are also used for wellness in its widest sense. They are places of well-being, and relaxation, partly because over the years, they have become very good at looking after and entertaining visitors. In most spa towns in our network, visitors will find not only thermal baths and drinking fountains but high quality hotels, cultural and artistic venues, parks and gardens, and a generally more relaxed pace!

The European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) supports World Wellness Weekend on 19th/20th September 2020 together with its members from 18 European countries. EHTTA represents historic thermal towns from Portugal to Estonia via the Peloponnese and beyond, all united in a network which was founded in 2009 and which was certified as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe in 2010.

“While spa towns are of course associated with the use of water for medicine and health, there are several other elements of the spa town package that fit well with the World Wellness Weekend ‘5 pillars of wellness'” says EHTTA president José Manuel Baltar Blanco. “Some of our members have supported the WWW before and this year we know about planned activities in Georgia, Hungary, Germany and France for example.”
Incorporating one or more of them into your lifestyle is said to “immediately improve your life”, and these are some very simple ways that everyone can enjoy one of Europe‘s spa towns for wellness:
• Sleep and Restoration:
Visit one of our spa hotels for complete rest and relaxation – and don’t be tempted to skip the relaxation session after a day at the spa either – it’s an essential part of the healing process
• Nutrition and Nourishment:
Spa towns often have great locally sourced food and drink – as well as a few alcoholic treats and specialty products which are designed to be part of the cure – such as wafers, Vichy Mints and the „13th spring“ in Karlovy Vary the herbal Becherovka tonic!
Drinking our waters can often be good for health, and can supplement a healthy diet
• Vitality and Movement
Use of parks and gardens within the towns as well as the woods, hills, rivers and likes in the landscape that surround them for fresh air and exercise – walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and other pursuits
• Serenity and Mindfulness
Contemplate life in one of our parks, taking a walk around the historic buildings of the town, or when you’re relaxing in the thermal water
• Purpose and Solidarity
There are often volunteering opportunities in our spa towns – whether as a tour guide or town ambassador, or as a participant in artistic and sporting festivals that take place throughout the year in all our towns.

During the World Wellness Weekend, EHTTA’s social media channels will share the members’ activities in different countries including Georgia, Hungary, Germany, Turkey and France.

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