EHTTA strengthen cooperation with ESPA in the promotion of thermal tourism

At the EHTTA Executive Council held in Paris on September 30th, representatives from this network had the opportunity to meet delegates from the new board of the European Spas Association (ESPA), in order to explore new opportunities for a future partnership. As a result, a formal invitation has been extended to ESPA to attend the forthcoming EHTTA event at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, a starting point to set up a stronger cooperation between two European associations of different nature but with a common mission: the promotion and safeguarding of European thermal resources.

Following the event in Strasbourg, scheduled for September 15th. A second encounter will take place within the “Rencontresnationales duthermalisme”, in Vittel on 24-25th November. In order to coordinate this inter-institutional dialogue,EHTTA PresidentMr. Giuseppe Bellandi has appointed Jean-François Beraud, EHTTA’s 3rd vice-president and president of the FederationThermale Climatique Française as EHTTA’s representative in talks with ESPA.

These two meetings embody the commitment of both associations to work together in fields such as communication and tourism. Therefore, the EHTTA will propose joint activities with ESPA regarding widespread events such as the World Water Day (March 22nd) and the implementation of specialized tourist products combining the cultural and medical nature of Europe spa destinations. Last, but not least, it would strongly enhance their visibility and position with regard to European institutions.

One step forward for the entrance of the Province of Ourense (Spain) as new associated member

EHTTA Executive Council also decided to recommend approval of the membership application for the Province of Ourense, in Spain, at the next General Assembly (Salsomaggiore Terme, 19-20 October). This territory in the northwest of Spain, in the Galicia Region, is an important destination for spa tourism in Spain, with up to 7 spa facilities currently working and a great number of thermal archaeological sites.

During the meeting there was also time, among many other discussions, to advance details and preparations for the next EHTTA event at Strasbourg in September. The EHTTA will be organizing a roundtable session at the EU Parliament following up last years political activities, which will also act as the launch of the Thermal Atlas project, an initiative aiming to be the European biggest database on thermal heritage.

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