EHTTA attended the World Water Day at the European Committee of the Regions 22nd March, Brussels

EHTTA was represented at The European Committee of the regions to celebrate the World Water Day, a very precious and exhaustible resource of our planet

A moment to underline the importance of thermal towns in the 21st century: the exceptional particularity of their waters, their sustainable urban development policies and the recovery of cultural heritage. The conference was held in the presence of experts in the sector, Meps, journalists.

The event was organised by Partenalia in cooperation with the European Historic Thermal Towns Association.

  • Opening speech of the EHTTA President Mr Giuseppe Bellandi and the vice President Mr Manuel Baltar Blanco.
  • Panel focused on “Thermal towns as a factor of cohesion and quality of life in 21st” with EHTTA speakers:
    -Mr Luca Bruschi, responsible for EHTTA international relations
    -Ms Anne Pirard, city of SPA
    -Mr Hugo Oliveira, city of Caldas da Rahina
  • At the end of the conference, the official declaration and the European Manifesto on Thermalism has been launched

More on Partenalia website

Full video of the conference

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