Café of Europe

4th May 2022 at 14.45 CET

Thermal Villages: Rural Development Opportunities

Hosted by the Municipality of Caldes de Montbui

and online

Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona is the host of the 2022 Café of Europe.  While it’s close to the city of Barcelona, it also adjoins rolling countryside, a productive region producing many crops for the local towns and villages.

Thermal Water in Caldes de Montbui rises at appox 74 oC and gives rise to the slogan of the town “El   que bull” – a reference not only to the “boiling” water but the exuberance of the local people and their culture.

Caldes de Monbui has developed many uses for thermal waters, from being a key ingredient in local gastronomic specialities to irrigating crops in the fields with waste thermal water.  This is an ancient tradition which has been reinstated after a restoration project in the “thermal orchards”.  Read more about this award-winning project here.

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Safareig termal La Portalera (1) (1)
The Portalera thermal Laundry in Caldes de Montbui overlooking the surrounding countryside is the venue for the Cafe of Europe.

Global moderator, Simone Zagrodnik, EHTTA Executive Director

15.00h – 15:15h


Manuel Baltar, President of EHTTA 

Isidre Pineda, Mayor of Caldes de Montbui 

Damià Serrano, Director of Experiences Marketing of the Catalan Tourism Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya

   Live stream starts at 14.45 CET
15:15h – 15:30h

Presentation “Thermal Villages: Rural development opportunities”

Mario Crecente, President of the EHTTA Scientific Committee

15:30h – 15:45h

“Best Tourism Villages 2021”

Patricia Carmona, UNWTO Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department

15:45h – 16:30h

Roundtable 1 – Thermal Villages, Isidre Pineda, Moderator 

Caldes de Montbui

Isidre Pineda, Mayor of Caldes de Montbui, President of Thermal Villages in Catalunya
Núria Carné, Deputy mayor and Councillor for Europe and International Affairs of Caldes de Montbui

Thermal Villages in Catalunya 

Dolors Castellà , Mayor of  La Garriga (Barcelona)

Kenneth Martínez, Mayor of El Vendrell (Tarragona)

Sergi Mir, Vice-President of Thermal Villages in Catalunya and Councillor of Tourism, Caldes de Malavella (Girona)


Julien Bazus, Mayor of Saint-Paul-lès-Dax (France)

16:30h – 16:45h Coffee break
16:45h – 17:45h

Roundtable 2 – Experiences at the European level (moderated by Mario Crecente)

Fátima Saraiva, Public Relations Manager, Termas S. Pedro do Sul 

Emma González, Manager of INORDE (Institute for Economic Development of Ourense Province)

Julia Palotas, Director of Bad Ems City Museum

Tania Akritidou, Marketing Manager Halkidiki Tourism Organization 

17:45h – 18:00h


Simone Zagrodnik, EHTTA Executive Director

Mario Crecente, President of the EHTTA Scientific Committee