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Travel to the Sources of Europe

Discover the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns!

Since ancient times, people have been drawn to the hot mineral springs, the healing waters which are at the heart of Europe's spa towns.
These places have been centres of health and well-being for centuries, shaping a spa culture that is a unique part of European heritage

Thermal Destinations


Discover the thermal towns and regions of Europe - magical places built around healing springs where architecture, nature and tradition mingle in perfect harmony.

As a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns celebrates "thermal" or spa town culture and heritage every year through a series of events

Cafés of Europe


“Sources of Culture: the Cafés of Europe” part funded by the European Union’s Culture Fund.

European Thermal Heritage Day

Exterior 7 Fuente de Gándara

Every year in October, EHTTA’s Scientific Committee organises an event to highlight and promote particular aspects of our thermal towns.

World Water Day on 22nd March


Each year we use the global World Water Day held on 22nd March to celebrate the water sources at the heart of each of our towns.

Historic Thermal Towns are on TV!
"Amazing Spa Towns of Europe"

Series nº 2 is set to be streamed in the first quarter of 2024

Latest News

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